And so the work begins...

2009-08-12 22:15:22 by DragonHuik

Yep. Working on the site before I leave for college. Got a little bit of the code done today, kinda Frankinstein-ed the code together using both html and css.


WEEEEEEEEELLL this week has been sorta busy for meh, but I'll try to shorten it a bit.

Okay, so first on the agenda. My sister got married again! Woo! Go her. We went to Gatlinburg for the weekend to celebrate and have the wedding. ^^ My oldest sister, Naomi, and her fiance got married at this cozy little church just outside of town.
We came up on Thursday and met up with my uncle and his family. We ate some KFC and then set out to go shopping down the main street in town. I have to tell you, the stores are amazing. :D Absolutely fantastic. So many stores there had so many interesting things. But alas, the only thing I ended up buying the first day was a panda for my Caty. ^^
The next day, we got up early and got all dressed up for Naomi & Josh's wedding. The chapel was all decked out with chandeliers, oil lamps, and such. ^^ Naomi looked absolutely amazing. The first couple minutes were rushed together in a panic because Josh's side of the family was a little late, but it worked out alight. ^_^ The wedding chapel was rigged with video cameras and digital cameras. Apparently we weren't allowed to take pictures for fear of an 500 dollar fine. :O Eep. <_< >_> Soooo I took pictures anyway and hid my sd card so there wouldn't be any evidence and uploaded the photos later. Talk about a Bond moment. Next we went to their hotel (which was pretty cool looking inside) and ate some cake. ^^ On the way some little girl made my sister feel like a princess by tugging on her mother's leg and saying: "Mommy! Mommy! That's the girl that got out of the limo!"
After that, most of us took a nap and the rest swam. Except me, I went on my computer to check up on a few things and relax by drawing part of the new comic page. Unfortunately, my stylus went missing during the trip and I couldn't work on it in my free time so I just ended up playing my new computer game. :/ I got some bad news on the phone (I'll say more on this later), and then everyone was ready for the reception.
We ended up going to Dolly Pardon's Dixie Stampede. It was a little um, southern redneck for my taste at times, but it was still really really fun. The show was okay, and a little more than slightly entertaining. The food was hectic. There's no choice in the matter, and within 30 minutes they dump all the food on your plate one after another, so you end up with like 5 things you're trying to eat all at once. A small whole chicken gets dumped on your plate all at once, and I made the mistake of visualizing the live chicken and I couldn't eat most of it. >_< The soup was good, the bread was good, but the rest was just meh. With the people we were watching the show with, and the show's routine and comedy, it was pretty good.
After the reception, we went back to the main street of Gatlinburg to shop again. I bought a few things. A few swords, 2 more things for my Caty, and such. ^^
We had a great debate the next morning about what we were going to do and we ended up canceling our last day. :/ So, we continued our day anyways. We went to the Ripley's Aquarium which, by the way, was the best aquarium I have ever been to. All the fantastic fish and facts in one place was just amazing. I mean really really really amazing. I took a good 400 photos and ended up killing my phone. We didn't even see all the exhibits! But it was still great.
We did some more shopping and even visited the Ripley's Believe it or not! Museum. We ended up eating at TGI Fridays, and at the end of the day me and my dad played a quick round of blacklight golf and called it a day. Mountain Trams suck by the way. ._.

It was hectic, but fun. Now onto the bad news of the last two weeks or so.

:/ I hate that so many good celebrities died. I loved Micheal Jackson and almost all of his music, Farrah Fawcett was an amazing actor and a wonderful person, and I loved Billy Mays; he could sell ice to Eskimos. :/

Also, I got some bad news while I was waiting for the reception to start. :/ My girlfriend, Caty, got into a car wreck while we were away. :( It seems she was driving to a friends house and ended up blacking out and diving into a hillside. She hit her head pretty hard on the steering wheel, and had to crawl out of her passenger's side door to get out. :( I felt so bad that I couldn't be there for her. I got to talk to her thankfully, and she was okay for the most part. The wreck really shook her up though, and I still feel bad that I wasn't there. She has minor whiplash, and she is sore all over, but she's mostly ok now. :/

Other, less important news:

I bought the game Prototype, and I love it. The fun shape-shifting and endless possible escape routes and challenges makes it a lot of fun, especially with the sandbox environment. I think Ben Croshaw has it all wrong, and yet he is still right. [link] The excellent environment is definitely a plus, but I wish they had put some sort of moral set of rules into the game. You can go into a base and hide and have fun, but you can't do anything without disemboweling someone. >_> I do think he is wrong about the weapons system though, I love it. The variety of weapons and possibility of weapons is fun. You can switch to hammer hands to destroy a tank, then switch to the whip arm in a split second to take out a sentry. It's an excellent way to work. The game was a little bit expensive though, which I don't like.

The movie UP was great by the way, the characters you get really attached to at first, and their goals become your goals. ^^ It was great for an animated movie.

Angels and Demons was also fantastic. I didn't like they used the whole anti-matter thingie though. >_> Mostly because if anti-matter could be used like that it would be horrifying.

I also saw the new Transformers movie. I won't give away any spoilers, but I liked it. The characters were good, and they finally showed the coolest part of the Transformers, their ability to combine into better monsters or heroes. I didn't like the ending though, it was almost sounding like they were setting up for a third. There also seemed to be a crap-load more cussing in this movie, which I found weird. It was like each character had a quota to fill.

I also watched the movie Bed of Fire today. It was one of the many films Farrah Fawcett was in, and it was amazing. The acting was absolutely perfect.

Also, I finally found my stupid stylus, it was wedged into my dad's couch after I let a friend take a look at it. :/

Let's see...what else... Oh.

I have blisters on my feet from all the walking I did after and during the wedding. >_< Flip-flops are not very friendly to walking.

On the 17th and 18th I'm going to schedule my classes at college. ^_^ Wish me luck.


2009-06-24 19:13:20 by DragonHuik

Awww. I got un-scouted. Shoot. I guess this thing only lasts for a couple days? >_> Or maybe I'm just sucky enough to not get scouted for long. :/ Either way.

The arrival of an old fan

2009-06-20 15:35:44 by DragonHuik

^_^ Hi kids and creepy adults. I've been slowly edging toward getting a newgrounds account lately, and with the addition of the art portal, I figured I might as well make one now. >_> There isn't really anything more to add to that sentiment, so I'll just be moseying on over to the art portal again.